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Left image: (Back) Tony da Costa, Gideon Brits, André da Costa - (Front) Manuel da Costa, Paul Yiannakis, Johnny da Costa
Right image: Tony da Costa and Gideon Brits receiving the SA Stud Book's award for the Elite Beef Herd 2013


André da Costa
I have been involved in the family business, Manjoh Ranch, since high school. My responsibilities are marketing and the management of milling and packaging plants, as well as the marketing of our potatoes. Since 2009 I have assisted with the marketing of Beefmaster Alliance.

Johnny da Costa
My brother Manuel and I are the founders of Manjoh Ranch. We later joined forces with Paul Yiannakis and Gideon Brits to form Beefmaster Alliance. I currently serve on the board of the South African Feedlot Association. I am a born farmer and have extensive experience in, among others, grains, vegetables and livestock.

Manuel da Costa
My brother Johnny and I started farming in the 1970’s and established our farm, Manjoh Ranch, in 1985. Later my sons, Tony and André, joined us as directors. We are very proud and performance driven Beefmaster Stud breeders. Although our main business is the production of beef through our feedlot, we also produce maize (from which we produce our own maize meal) as well as potatoes and dry beans. I currently serve on the boards of the Beefmaster Breeders’ Society of South Africa and Grain South Africa.

Paul Yiannakis
After studying at Rhodes University, I started farming with my father and brother in Malawi. In 1969 we moved to South Africa and the following year my brother and I purchased our first farm in Moloto, followed by our Delmas farm in 1989. I have been breeding cattle since 1970 and have been actively involved in the industry, including serving as vice-president on the board of the Beefmaster Breeders’ Society of South Africa from 1987 to 1994 and a nomination as honorary vice-president of the Society. I am passionate about the cattle industry and derive great pleasure from seeing the results of our breeding programs.

Tony Da Costa
From the age of 13, I have been actively involved with our Beefmaster herd, including the sorting of cattle in the company of Dr Herman Venter. After graduating from the University of Pretoria in 1999, I joined the farming operations at Manjoh Ranch in 2000.

Gideon Brits
In 1989 het ek as produksiebestuurder by Perskor bedank om heeltyds saam met my skoonpa, Thys Steynberg, op sy plaas Fairfield by Moloto, te begin boer. Hy en Paul Yiannakis was bure. Ons het in 1990 by Compa Beefmasters aangesluit en in 2001 die Beefmaster Alliance gestig. Ek is steeds betrokke by die teelbeleid wat ons sedertdien volg. Ek hanteer tans die weidings- en kuddebestuur van Beefmaster Alliance op Moloto, Delmas en Nigel.


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